How Your Donation Helps

As a Baptist Health employee, you are dedicated, generous, caring and compassionate. Your commitment
to providing the best healthcare experience is evident in the work you do each day, demonstrating that
Baptist Health is, in fact, Healthcare That Cares. And now you can further your dedication by joining our
culture of giving.
We invite you to join our newly formed Employee Annual Fund. Along with Baptist Health Foundation
Board member Joe Buchanan and other Board volunteers, we spent time with our Employee Advisory
Groups to hear their thoughts and listen to their ideas. We were inspired, as the group members
embraced the vision for a culture of giving with warmth, enthusiasm and encouragement.
Our Employee Annual Fund is a group of employees dedicated to enhancing our workplace through their
donations. Becoming a member is easy and a great opportunity to make a difference in our community.
Your support will allow Baptist Health to advance patient care through innovation, provide clinical and
service excellence and facilitate assistance to employees experiencing financial hardships.
Philanthropy is an investment in the health of our community. Baptist Health provides more charity care
as a percentage of patient revenue than any other hospital or hospital group in Miami-Dade County,
except for Jackson Memorial.
On behalf of Baptist Health Foundation, we extend our gratitude to the 15% of you who are currently
giving and encourage the rest of our employees to contribute as well. The focus of our campaign is not
on the amount raised, but rather to achieve 100% participation from our Baptist Health family.
Your gifts, large or small, make a meaningful impact. They can help shape the future of healthcare and touch
the lives of those closest to you.
To join the Employee Annual Fund, designate a gift toward any one of over 30 funds, including Centers of
Excellence, special hospital projects, Sunshine Fund (administered through Pastoral Care) and Young
Philanthropists of Baptist Health. You can donate through PTO, payroll deduction or by credit card.
As always, thank you for all that you do and your continued support.